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Window coverings

Window coverings, quite literally, come in all shapes and sizes. We present you with a subdivision of appealing fabric curtains, interior blinds that filter or block light and screens that let in fresh air but keep out annoying insects.


Curtains combine numerous functions. In addition to reducing or preventing unwanted looks, they can darken the room or filter daylight, color the space and muffle loud noises.

M for Curtains has a very wide range of fabrics, colors, patterns, and qualities that suit both your needs and your budget. Therefore, we first map out your needs. What style suits you best: classic, rural, modern, or...? What kind of light are you looking for? Do you open and close your curtains manually, or do you allow yourself the luxury of electric operation? Whatever your choice, M for Curtains can take care of it for you.

Let yourself be inspired by Kobe, a frequently chosen A-brand in curtain fabrics.


Fabric curtains are usually hung on a curtain rail. But why always opt for a standard white rail? Did you know that there is a wide choice of shapes and colors available? 

Interstil and Goelst, two suppliers with whom M for Curtains works a lot, have a very wide range of curtain rails. Some examples can be found below. For a complete picture of the colours and possibilities, you are more than welcome to visit our showroom.

Photo 1: Milieu Corpus | Interstil rail, black, round, with ceiling support
Photo 2: Milieu Sinus | Interstil rail, brass, round with wall bracket
Photo 3: Milieu W5 | Interstil rail, aluminium, flat to ceiling 



The third factor that determines the look of your curtains is the pleat used, or the way in which the curtains are 'folded together' around the curtain hooks. A single pleat obviously gives the smallest pleat formation and therefore the smallest curtain package when opened. You use a single pleat especially with shorter curtains, and curtains with a pattern.

A double pleat or butterfly pleat gives a fuller result, a nicer pleat appearance, which is especially effective with larger curtains. If you choose a double return pleat, this effect is enhanced because the band between the double pleats is stitched on again. Finally, you can also opt for a triple pleat, your curtains will then fall even more generously but you will of course also need the most fabric.

The final option is a wave pleat, which is extremely popular because it is suitable for almost any curtain and has a clean design look. The curtains are attached to the rail in a wave shape.

Do you not want a pleat at all? That is possible too! Then choose a curtain with rings in or attached the fabric, which are distributed evenly across the total width, and attach it to a rod.

Here are some examples of the pleated types mentioned above.

Photo 1: single pleat
Photo 2: double pleat
Photo 3: triple pleat
Photo 4: wave pleat

Indoor sun protection

The sun: often welcome, but sometimes too abundant. The incoming light is then unpleasantly bright, and temperatures often rise quickly. Also think of the discoloration that can occur due to sunlight on other parts of your interior! In brief, indoor sun protection is sometimes a bare necessity. But indoor sun protection can also be beautiful and contribute to the overall look of a living room, office, or bedroom.


The range of blackout and half-darkened interior blinds has grown enormously in recent years. In addition to the traditional roller blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds, numerous hybrid intermediate forms have appeared on the market such as pleated blinds, panel blinds, multi-shade curtains and voile blinds. In addition, the use of indoor window shutters with wooden blinds that are adjustable, has become very popular in a short period of time.

M for Curtains is the right place for any kind of indoor sun protection. Even with 'difficult' customization in different shapes (think of inclined windows or triangular windows) we know how to deal and can offer sometimes unconventional solutions. Try us!

Insect screens

Summer is a season when we love to open the windows to get fresh air into our homes. But the unwanted consequences are annoying mosquitoes that disturb your sleep, wasps that can sting viciously, or flies that - very unhygienic - sit on everything.

With the installation of insect screens, this inconvenience can be prevented easily and efficiently. For windows we install front screens, insert screens and roller screens, for doors there is the traditional screen door and the so-called pleated screen door.

Insect screens are always made to measure. Which is precision work, because an ill-fitting screen still means insects in the house ... M for Curtains guarantees perfectly fitting screens and doors that will last for years of the Dutch brand Unilux.




"We have been extremely well helped by MforCurtains. Expert advice, quick response to questions/requests, delivered right on time. The curtains hang beautifully and the issue concerning a rail that was delivered wrong was neatly resolved."

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